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    Centrally located in Glenfield on Aucklands' North Shore, in a large site with custom designed and made flooring and fencing, Jollydogs Playland is an indoor dog entertainment centre, designed for the puppy in all of us.

    Jollydogs Playland Indoor Dog Park

    Jollydogs Playland Indoor Dog Park is the newest luxury daycare, grooming and dog socialisation centre on Auckland's North Shore. We have Doggy Day-care facilities for all ages, sizes and breeds. We are open 5 days per week from 7.00am- 7.00pm Monday to Friday.

    Jollydogs Playland Indoor Dog Park features unique and exciting play for all breeds and most personalities in an indoor/outdoor, clean, safe and supervised environment. Attractions include the following features:

    ; Obstacle courses, pools and playground equipment for smart little minds

    ; 3 areas we can open up or close off for different temperaments (ALL with their own outdoor spaces)

    ; Dog to Dog Socialisation Training

    • Temperament testing area

    • Grooming

    • Paddling pools to keep cool

    • Supervised by qualified Pooch Pals at all times with cuddles and treats thrown in

    All this is located in a colourful, light, sunny area with music playing continuously. These attractions are not found in public parks and beaches, and there are no restrictions regarding daylight savings or winter weather. All our Pooch Pals are trained in pack supervision and are selected with an emphasis on personality and ability to enjoy and interact with all our customers. Overall a very enjoyable and professionally presented environment designed to maximise fun!

  • About Us

    Be it Daycare, Training or Grooming

    Our business is to take care of both you and your pet and deliver the service that you expect and that your dog deserves. At our facilities you will find the most up to date, clean, well maintained and socially balanced daycare facility in the area and we offer constant interaction with your pet.

    No other facility can offer the kind of special care, attention to detail, and professionalism that you will receive while your dog is in our care. We invite you to come and take a tour of our facilities (by arrangement) and we are honored to be able to serve the residents of Auckland and their pets.

    At Jollydogs the SAFETY of our guests comes first.



    Our Team

    "Sir Jax Powell"

    Introducing our lovely Blue Merle Border Collie, Jax. Jax is the inspiration behind our logo, and the whole concept of our Indoor Dog Park. When Jax was a puppy, we had nowhere to leave him during the day, and when he was old enough, we wanted to find a doggy daycare facility we could leave him at - one which would uphold our hard won house training with an outdoor area for him to 'relieve' himself when he needed too! Jax has a wonderful gentle personality and hence he is our 'top dog' for temperament testing.


    "Princess Gypsy"

    Gypsy is Jax's BFF, she is as mischievous as they come! A Huntaway/Border Collie cross, Gypsy came to us as a shy little girl with no confidence - boy has that changed! She is 2nd in command for temperament testing, having a lovely but independent nature - she is very good for checkin' out the younger, more boisterous of our guests.


    This is us! Steve on the left, me (Toni) in the centre, and my Dad Kim on the right.

    We are a family owned and operated business, and we are all lovers of dogs, Steve is our financial guru for JollyDogs, and Dad and I are the people who get to play with our guests, and meet wonderful new people every day. How lucky are we? We have an absolute dedication and passion for caring about and for dogs. Come on in and meet us anytime.


    Our Pooch Pals Team

    Our Pooch Pals are selected with an emphasis on an ability to enjoy, interact and have empathy with all canine and human customers, as well as having backgrounds in animal care and wellbeing. All have a passion for dogs, and make sure our 'kids' have a safe, fun day in their care.

  • About Our Services


    For those guests that have lunch, need a wee break for a rest, or are waiting for a groom, we are very pleased to offer the ability for them to do this in comfortable, safe, indoor pet suites.




    Dogs are social animals and need interaction with other dogs and people on a regular basis to remain happy and healthy. No matter how many hugs and kisses you give them, you can't escape the sadness in their eyes when you leave.

    Dogs don't understand our human way of life and the many things that get in the way of spending the day with each other. Those that have to stay at home alone all day will become bored, frustrated and unhappy. They may exhibit destructive behaviours or even cry and bark for hours on end, as they suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. They need companionship and exercise for their total well being. At Jollydogs Playland, dogs will have a chance to wrestle, play ball, run around, or catch a snooze on one of our comfy couches or out in the sunshine.

    Dogs will spend the day being part of a healthy happy dog pack. This will provide them with a social outlet, so while you spend the day doing human stuff your dog is having a great time doing dog stuff. Our business gives pet owners peace of mind knowing that their pup is getting the exercise and socialization that it needs and desires; all in a safe, secure and monitored environment. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog.


    JD'S DOG DROP & SHOP SERVICE (members only)

    Go shopping and leave your best friend to have fun with us!

    One of the very reasons we offer this service is because Steve and I found when we wanted to go shopping, we didn't want to leave Jax & Gypsy in the car or at home by themselves. If only we had somewhere to drop them off for a couple of hours so we could go shopping, see a movie or visit 'non-dog' friends.

    Drop your dog off with us for a few hours so they can have as much fun as you, and you'll all be happy at the end of a successful day doing what you all love to do with no guilty feelings!



    We provide the dog to dog socialisation training here at JollyDogs (all included in your daily cost) whilst Matt Melville from Canine Academy is JollyDogs preferred qualified trainer for people/dog training, Matt runs a variety of training classes from Puppy Package to advanced one on one courses.

    See our Training page for more details.




    Have your best friend look their best at all times!.

    JollyDogs have special dog booster baths for all sizes of dogs - you can book one and we'll give your pet a 'wash n wag', or book them in for a full grooming with our qualified groomers.

    We only use beautiful totally natural grooming products, including shampoos and conditioners which leave your mate feeling and smelling stunning! So......if you'd like to have your pet groomed, give us a call and book one today.


    Introducing Matt Melville from Canine Academy

    We work closely with Matt from Canine Academy, I'll let Matt introduce himself .....

    Hi there, through my experience working with dogs I have been able to construct a kind and gentle method to train and change unwanted behaviours in your dog. My method is based on mutual respect. In life, all loving relationships are based on respect, not fear or aggression. My R.E.S.P.E.C.T method relays a very calm and natural message to your dog, once mutual respect is bought back to life you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to change unwanted behaviour.







    I have studied Canine Behaviour and psychology extensively attaining certificates from all around the world. I have had the fortunate experience of working alongside trainers from different parts of world and it’s also been my pleasure to have assisted in the training of companion dogs. I’ve had significant experience working with dogs in a pack environment, which has been of particular interest to me as historically this social structure is how dogs normally existed. I believe it’s this sort of environment that has enabled me to better understand our canines needs, if humans are able fulfil our dog’s needs, only then will they be able to lead happy lives. All these elements of experience has provided me with a sound understanding of the canine mind and how to identify problem areas, as well as applying behaviour and training programs.



    JollyDogs Playland and Canine Academy Puppy package - $225

    - 3 private sessions 

    - 2 half day puppy socialization days at JollyDogs Playland




  • Where are we?

    237 Archers Road, Glenfield,
    North Shore, Auckland
    Telephone: 09 443 5676

    Email us for forms or more information

  • Liability Policy

    Facility Use Agreement and Release of Liability Jollydogs Playland


    1. I understand and agree that Mitoka Holdings Ltd (Herein after referred to as Jollydogs Playland) and its members, officers, directors, managers, employees, contractors, and agents will not be liable for problems, damages, or injuries caused to or by my pet during its visit at Jollydogs Playland. I, as the pet owner (or as the pets authorized agent), agree to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviour of my pet while in the care of Jollydogs Playland. I hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Jollydogs Playland from any liability arising from my dog’s attendance and participation in any Jollydogs Playland activities.

    2. I understand and agree that any problem or injury that develops with my dog will be treated as Jollydogs Playland deems best at its sole and absolute discretion. Jollydogs Playland staff may wait until I pick up my pet to inform me of any non-serious injury, such as nicks and scratches. In the event my pet becomes ill or injured to the point of requiring medical treatment, Jollydogs Playland will first attempt to contact me, followed by an attempt to contact the emergency contact listed on the enrollment form. Jollydogs Playland retains sole discretion to deal with emergency matters, and I agree to promptly pay for all medical treatments received by my pet, including transportation to an emergency veterinary facility.

    3. I understand that Jollydogs Playland open play areas are places where animals co-mingle in groups. I recognize that there are inherent risks or illness or injury when dealing with animals. Similarly, I understand that when dogs play in groups, they may sustain injuries. Other risks include, but are not limited to, problems resulting from pets ingesting food scraps or other materials found outdoors and kennel cough. I understand and agree that any problem or injury that develops with my dog is my responsibility.

    4. I understand that I am responsible for any harm caused by my dog at Jollydogs Playland, whether to dogs or human patrons or to Jollydogs Playland staff. I shall indemnify and hold Jollydogs Playland harmless against any claims made against Jollydogs Playland or losses or damages of any kind suffered by Jollydogs Playland as a result of my pet, its behaviour or condition, or my failure to inform Jollydogs Playland of any pre-existing condition my pet may have including but not limited to (such as illness or aggressive tendencies). I understand and agree that in admitting my dog to Jollydogs Playland, Jollydogs Playland’s staff has relied on my representation that my dog is in good health and has not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other dog.

    Facility Use Agreement and Release of Liability Jollydogs Playland


    All dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the park and in any area of the facility except the off-leash parks.

    All dogs must have current vaccinations and should be healthy and free from contagious disease, parasites, fleas and ticks.

    Pinch, choker chains and spiked collars must be removed from dogs prior to entering the dog park.

    Dogs in heat are prohibited.

    Dogs showing any signs of aggression will be leashed, and taken to a time-out room until they can be picked up by their owner.



  • PRICING & REQUIREMENTS (Please scroll down)

    At Jollydogs Playland the SAFETY of our guests comes first.

    As such we can not accept aggressive dogs, or dogs with an inability to interact socially with other canines. In order to ensure the happiness and well being of our guests, all our daycare guests are required to undergo a temperament test prior to being allowed to participate in activities.

    Temperament Evaluations (no cost)

    Drop off Monday-Friday mornings (bookings are essential)

    Our opening hours are 7.00am - 7.00pm Mon-Friday.

    If your buddy is not picked up by 7.00pm, we will accommodate them overnight where they will be fed, cared for and given a kiss goodnight until you can pick them up the next day (normal sleepover charges will apply in addition to daycare charges).



    $38.00 per day

    $28.00 for each additional dog per day (same family)

    $28.00 1/2 Day (Up to 5 hours)

    $18.00 1/2 Day (Up to 5 hours) for each additional dog (same family)

    If your buddy is here with us for 3 full daycare days in the same week we have a 10% discount available for you, if they are with us for 4 or 5 full daycare days in the same week we have a 15% discount for you.

    DOG DROP & SHOP (members only)

    $14.00 per hour

    $ 9.00 for each additional dog per hour (same family)


    $225.00 per puppy for specialised Puppy Package which includes 2 x 1/2 days puppy socialisation with us here, and 3 one on one private sessions with Matt in your home.

    Please see Matt's website for course details

    If your buddy has specific needs, please let us know as Matt can also tailor 1:1 programs designed to enhance your relationship with your pet.


    Professional Grooming is available but limited so bookings are essential

    Pricing depends on coat, size and breed.

    Please Note that de- matting will incur extra charges

    Full Groom Small Breed – From $67 to $72

    Full Groom Medium Breed – From $72 to $82

    Full Groom Large Breed – From $82 to $92

    Extra Large Breed – From $92

    Wash and dry only (based on dogs being groomed regularly and in good condition or short coat)

    Small- from $25

    Medium - From $35

    Large- From $45

    Extra large- From $55




    At JollyDogs Playland the SAFETY of our guests comes first.

    As such we can not accept aggressive dogs, or dogs with an inability to interact socially with other canines. In order to ensure the happiness and well being of our guests, all our daycare guests are required to undergo a temperament test prior to being allowed to participate in activities. (Temperament testing need not apply to puppies under 6 months old)

    This gives us the opportunity to ascertain the temperament and social skills of the dog, and to ensure that the dog will enjoy participating in the services offered by JollyDogs. The JollyDogs Playland temperament test is designed to ensure that we do not accept aggressive or anti-social dogs.

    To begin the process of enrolling your furry friend in services that require interaction with the pack, we first require that all new canine parents complete the Daycare information package and questionnaire.

    The questions in the package are designed to get us acquainted with your pet and help us interact with them safely while using key words that they are familiar with. We will gladly provide them to you when you tour our facility, or we can email them to you. Once you have completed the package and have a copy of your pets current vaccination records to include a current Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination, we will schedule a day to conduct your furry friends interview. For your convenience you may also have your veterinarian email the vaccination records to us at

    The Temperament Evaluation will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete and we provide this service FREE of charge.

    On your pets evaluation day we need you to arrive at a pre-determined time, this gives your pet the opportunity to meet our regular pack members individually, ensuring a smoother transition into the pack environment.

    Prior to conducting the temperament evaluation, we review the information presented on the application to include the dogs history, known issues and previous socialization and interactions with other dogs.

    We want to know as much as possible so we can make their transition into the pack as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This process generally takes around 10 minutes, and once complete you may go about your daily activities while we conduct the evaluation with your dog at our facility.

    There is no need for you to wait or be present while we conduct the temperament evaluation. Our experience has shown that we are able to gain a much more realistic and accurate assessment of the dogs social skills when you are not present as they are not focused on impressing Mum and Dad, but on interacting with other dogs.

    The temperament evaluation begins with each staff member becoming personally acquainted with your dog, in a controlled environment away from the main pack, after which we will slowly introduce one of our control dogs known for their friendly nature and well rounded socialization skills.

    We will carefully monitor your dog for body language, posturing, and reactions during these critical first social interactions. Once the initial canine greeting is out of the way we will carefully introduce a toy into the situation to ensure that there are no toy obsessive or possessive tendencies present, we will then give them both a treat in close proximity to check for food possessiveness. We then observe for 15 minutes while the two of them interact, we will repeat this process until your pet is interacting safely and socially. At which point we will introduce your pet to the pack and observe for another two hours.


    At JollyDogs Playland Indoor Dog Park we are committed to the safety of every dog in our care. Once a dog has successfully completed the evaluation, they are then entered into our system which allows them full access to all the services that we provide. You will also be issued a username and password to be able to access our specialised booking system, so you can update your details and book your buddy into our system whenever you like.

    In the event that we feel a dog may need more training to interact safely with the pack, we contact you and allow them to stay in one of our pet suites until you can pick them up. The interview process is a very straight forward process designed to address the individual needs of your dog and determine their current level of socialization while ensuring that everyone in our care, has a happy, safe and fun time.


    • All Dogs Must be free of fleas & worms. All Dogs are inspected upon entry into the facility if parasites are found they will be flea treated at an additional cost.

    • Puppies should ideally have had their second round of vaccinations to keep them safe before they come in to play.

    • Dogs must be in a good condition of health. (No coughing, vomiting, diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival at the facility)

    • We cannot accept aggressive or anti-social dogs.

    • All dogs must be brought in and out of the facility on a collar and leash.

    • All dogs must have current vaccination records to include DHPPi (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Para influenza) Leptospirosis, and Bordatella (Kennel Cough).

    Please bring a copy of your pets vaccination records with you. Always plan ahead as your vet may be closed.

    • Prior to playing with us, your dog MUST COMPLETE the temperament evaluation as our facility is NOT designed to handle dogs in segregation.

    • Dogs wishing to play with us must be spayed or neutered if older than 6 months, and of course have a current registration. (Unaltered dogs destabilize the pack, and are at greater risk for injury by other dogs)

    JollyDogs Playland - providing a safe, stimulating, healthy and fun environment for your dog.

    At JollyDogs, not only do we believe that your dog deserves to have fun at our place, but we believe that it should be affordable and convenient as well.

    There is no mandatory minimum or requirement that you come a pre-set number of days per week. Each of our valued clients is free to bring their pet as often as they choose and on the days that it is convenient for them. Some of our pet owners bring their furry friends 5 days a week, some 3 days, and some are happy to give their pet a break to play once a week.. It's all up to you..

    JollyDogs Playland is about providing a quality emotional and physical outlet for your dog and we give you the freedom to choose when it's convenient for you.